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College Football Gameday notes

I'm begrudgingly awake, watching ESPN as Corso, Herbie, and the rest of the gang of idiots blast their high pitched screams if irrationality my way. Because I've got nothing else to do until 2:30 PM CST (finger in the f'in air, y'all), here are my College Gameday notes:
  • Gainesville is terrible. The only things worse than Gainesville: Miami fans. There are nothing but jort-wearing, goatee-having, northeaster transplants as far as the eye can see sitting behind the Home Depot stage.
  • Corso just said the Mississippi State Bulldogs are "lousy." Well, I'm stunned. For once, I liked hearing something come out of Corso's mouth.
  • They're about to do a segment which involves them having "miked" certain coaches "up" (how does one say this?) during practices. Guess who they've chosen along with Miami's Randy Shannon. That's right, Houston Dale Nutt. This shouldn't dissapoint.
  • Notre Dame still sucks. They literally had the worst offense in D 1-A football last year yet Kirk Herbstreet is talking about them winning 9 games this season. What the hell? I don't have some hatred for Notre Dame, I really just cannot stand the unjustified media lovefest they've reaped over the last few, I dunno, decades.
  • Follow up from 2 points ago: HDN did not upset. He gave the usual "nobody here has been to a bowl game, gotta finish, heartstrings" yadda yadda yadda talk and then he just broke out into a bunch of "Yahoo! There ya go! Git 'em GIT 'EM! YAHAA!" The Right Reverend Houston Dale Nutt, as Chris Fowler just referred to him, is getting good press this morning. This, of course, drives the few dozen folks in Arkansas who can afford cable up the damned wall.
  • Erin Andrews is still hot.
  • Lee and Kirk pick Wake over our Rebels. Fuck you both, assholes.*
Now, seriously, what are you doing reading this blog? There's football on the damned TV!

*Don't come up on here all like "oh but you guys made a favorable Wake prediction bla bla bla" crap. That was yesterday. This is today. To hell with you Wake Forest.