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Y'all must really dig our practice reports

This chart shows the last 30 days of activity on this blog. As you can tell, our normal reader base of "bored people at work" held pretty steady with weekdays averaging around 1,000 page views and weekends averaging about half of that. That was until three days ago:

Well, over the last 72 hours we've averaged about three times as much traffic as normal and, here's the fun part, it's increasing (ignore the stats for the 7th as I took this screen capture just after midnight). As Houston Dale himself would put it, you're "hungry" for football. Hell, we can't blame you. We're going crazy over here. This influx in visitors is exciting to us and we have nothing but thanks to all of you. If you like what we do, we'll keep it up. If you don't like what we do we'll still keep it up anyway because, frankly put, you're still here.

We mean it. Thanks.