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Who Is This Guy? Arkelon Hall.

The debate surrounding whether Memphis is a rival is certainly interesting, but it hardly lights up the more important issue - who will win on Saturday. To do this, Rebel fans need to acquaint themselves with a familiar biography.

On Saturday, starting for the Tigers will be a heralded Junior College recruit who had previously been a heralded recruit for a BCS program, before jumping ship to the College of the Sequoias and putting up numbers that look more like the high score on Ms. Pac-Man at your local Pizza Hut.

Click here for a helpful all-around preview of the 2008 Tigers, including some information on Memphis' JUCO All-American who became the de facto starter for Tiger High as soon as he signed last Spring - Arkelon Hall.

He lists at 6' 2" and 220 lbs., and, as you might have deduced from his biography and mythology-inspired name, Arkelon is, in fact, a dual-threat quarterback. But Tommy West sounds anything but confident. His response to questions about Hall have basically been "Yeah, he's the starter, until he totally screws up."

Nothing says motivation like confirming a kid's suspicisions that he's one inevitable mistake from the bench.

What Memphis hopes is that Arkelon can connect with their receivers, who, standing on top of one another, would make a tempting substitute for the Tower of Babel. This corp is led by Duke Calhoun, the Memphis native who is getting such good press around Memphis that he could probably get elected mayor of the Mogadishu of the Mid-South.

This means two things for the Rebels - we need pressure on Arkelon to prevent him from having a chance to even look for his receivers, and we need our linebackers to show a little maturity to go along with their talent and contain Lord Hall the Schaeffer-esque when he runs ... because he will.

Of course, none of this will matter when Jevan Snead throws for 350 and five touchdowns, right?