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Wednesday Practice Report

Day three of practice saw the players in shells for the first time. Overall, the practice went quite well. Here are our notes.

1. Houston Nutt's daughters are hot. I mean H-O-T-T hott. Even the one who belted her love for Zac Efron. During special teams drills, Hottie McHotteroo was pacing the sidelines and, we kid you not, more of the practice's onlookers paid attention to her than Joshua Shene and his parade of private school kickers.

2. Andrew Harris is a physical freak. That guy is going to emerge as a top threat very soon. We're not going to be upset if we don't redshirt him. We want him to play a good bit this year. He had some excellent catches and looks really good (wait for it, wait for it) on the hoof.

3. It was encouraging to see a high level of camaraderie among the players. The general air about these practices are much more pleasant than the practices we saw under Hurricane Orgeron. We even saw Jason Jones, a freshman linebacker, voluntary ask Scottie Williams, a sophomore linebacker, for assistance with a particular drill while they were on the sidelines after the drill's completion. We know it may sound corny, but it really was a neat thing to see.

4. Jevan looked much, much better today. He has yet to turn water into wine or give sight to the blind, but our "savior" is getting there. He was on the money in the pass skeleton big time. The only poor throw he made was a throw that no QB, save Micheal Spurlock, would make in an actual game situation (the receivers were locked down and after a few seconds Jevan just lobbed it up into double coverage).

5. Nathan Stanley looks good as well. Seriously, if you get a chance to watch a practice, do and pay extra attention to the kid.

6. Justin Sparks was booting the hell outta the ball today. He was even impressing the onlooking linebackers behind whom we were standing. He wasn't creaming the ball with consistency, but when he was on, he was on. Hopefully he can hone this in and actually show up and punt like a damned SEC punter.

7. Greg Hardy worked out with the first team today and even had a pass deflection in the 11-on-11 drills.

8. The secondary showed up and made some excellent plays in both the pass skeleton and 11-on-11 drills. Dustin Mouzon, Marshay Green, and Jamarca Sanford all showed out.

9. This was odd, but someone was flying a remote controlled spy plane around the practice field. Seriously. We're not hallucinating (at least, we hope we're not). It would ascend, take pictures with a flash (that's how we knew it had a camera) during its descent, and then ascend again. It seriously flew around the practice for at least a half of an hour. If you saw it, let us know.

We're a bit exhausted and hungry, so we apologize for the truncated post. If you have any comments, questions, whatever you know where to leave 'em.

EDIT: We also noticed the increasing number of visitors to the practice. There were probably no less than 150 spectators on hand today. To many, this may seem like chump change, but when compared to Monday's audience of a couple dozen or so, it's significant.