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You certainly know by know that the 2008 Summer Olympics kick off tomorrow evening. What you may not know is that Brian Cazeneuve of Sports Illustrated has predicted who will medal in literally every event of the Olympics.

Yeah, like that's anywhere close to possible with any sort of accuracy. What a crock.

You know how I know it's a crock? Because his predictions for the womens long jump event were as follows:
Gold: Maurren Higa Maggi, Brazil
Silver: Lyudmila Kolchanova, Russia
Bronze: Tatyana Lebedeva, Russia
Pshhh, yeah, whatever Brian. He apparently hasn't heard about my girl Brittney Reese. Reese, a Gulfport native, is not only the lone Ole Miss Rebel in the Summer Olympics, but she is also a damned AMERICAN!

Whooooooooooo! USA! USA!

Seriously, Brian, you tool, Brazil and Russia? What in the Hell are you smoking? Are those countries America? I think not. Shows how much you know about the Olympics. Gah.

Seriously though. Give 'em hell Brittney. We're more than proud of you here at the Red Solo Cup.