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Tuesday Practice Report

As with yesterday, here is our fall practice report. Keep in mind, this is only day two of practice. We're not going to attempt to make any predictions for the season based on what we've seen. We're just gonna call it like we see it. So, without further ado, here are our practice notes:

-I'm sorry Spirit board posters, but Trahan has yet to gain the 15 pounds he needs to catch up with Palmer and Walker. Maybe tomorrow. We'll keep you updated on that. Okay, his size aside, we will say that he is very fundamentally sound. The linebackers ran a tackling drill which require the players to do pushups and then run the drill again if they ran the drill poorly. He was the only linebacker never to have to run the drill again. His tackling is not suspect at all. Nor is his speed. He, Allen Walker, and Ashlee Palmer are by far the fastest linebackers on the team.

-While we're on linebackers, it's important to note that Allen Walker and Ashlee Palmer have very soft hands for linebackers. In a drill where the linebackers were catching laser passes thrown their way, they both showed incredible consistency and pulled in all of the passes thrown their way.

-Markeith Summers showed out today with great positioning and good speed. He had a sick lay out in the pass skeleton. We at the Cup like this kid a lot.

-Nathan Stanley had excellent placement on the deep ball and threw with a consistently excellent spiral. He ran the third team offense and performed admirably

-Jevan was uninspiring again. He threw a pick and had several bad throws. His control was lacking, especially during the 11-on-11 drills. In the pass skeleton he had a few stellar passes, including one to Dexter "da lil' bastid" McCluster.

-Enrique Davis runs really well. He keeps his shoulders low and runs hard through the hole. We're very much looking forward to him running with pads. He was working with the second team.

-Marcus Tillman stayed at defensive tackle. He and Justin Sanders were working back and forth for the other spot at D Tackle alongside Peria Jerry.

-They shuffled the defensive ends around a good bit. Greg Hardy practiced some with the first team, but saw most of his time on the second team.

-McCluster had some great catches in the pass skeleton. He and Marshay showed great quickness in the return drills and both of them really seem to have great football instincts.

-Speaking of Marshay. He was a ball hawk today at his cornerback spot. He's got his first team position more or less locked down.

-Lionel Breaux made a few good catches. We didn't feel they threw to him enough during the pass skeletons.

-Powe looked like there might have been some technique returning to him. He's still pretty slow though and he saw most of his action on the third team.

-Kendrick Lewis made the only pick of the day. He has a knack of getting pick-6's in practices. We have to get that guy on the field. He's a safety with wide receiver skills. If you'll recall, we even recruited the kid to play wideout. Although he's temporarily occupying Johnny Brown's spot, it wouldn't be shocking to see him take the spot over for the Memphis game.

That's all I can think of for now. If you have any questions, comments, criticisms, et cetera please do not hesitate do direct them our way.