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Rebel of the Week

I know this is not usually my feature, but, I am taking the reins for just this one little week.

Clearly, the Rebel of the Week is Patrick Trahan. Why? Because he is a Rebel.

OXFORD, Miss. - Ole Miss officials announced here Friday that a pair of Northwest Community College transfers, Patrick Trahan and Damareo Marr, have been admitted to the University of Mississippi


"We're excited to have Patrick and Damareo in the Ole Miss family," said Rebel head coach Houston Nutt. "Not only are they good athletes, they are good people. I'm really impressed with the players and coaches in the Mississippi junior college system."

You may remember the hero treatment given Trahan by ESPN The Magazine a few months ago. I won't judge because, let's be serious, if I've got enough excess time in the day to write free public love letters to Ole Miss football a couple of times a week, then, clearly, my life is pretty easy. In fact, the primary reason I maintain my anonymity on this thing is so you people can't go telling my employer that I'm using his dime to write about Kool-Aid.

So, here's to your Rebel of the Week ... Ole Miss Junior Linebacker Patrick Trahan.

Post Script: Nice to have you too, Damareo.