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Politically-Themed Notes

A Heartbeat Away. This morning John McCain chose little-known governor Sarah Palin (R-AK) as his running mate, prompting the Obama campaign to remind voters that this 44-year-old one-term governor was a "heartbeat away from the presidency." Thin ice, to be sure, but Sir Arkelon Lord Hall the Planet-Eater was reminded yesterday by Tommy West that he is treading beyond Jordan's stormy banks on saran wrap. "I want to see Arkelon do well. The only reason I could think I'd pull Arkelon is if he was struggling," West said. I don't think Coach West has the patience for the
Tommy Beecher performance I expect from Arkelon.

A Hopeful New Personality. The crusty old Rebels, still a most Republican of campuses, will need a startling performance from their new maverick leader (as opposed to their old moron) in order to take down the hopeful new power that looked pretty awesome last night. To carry the metaphor a little further, Rebels should start hoping that the Baylor Bears are as hapless and ridiculous as Mr. Obama's convention supporters.

Experience is the key. For all we denigrate the cornerbacks, who will certainly have a challenge on their hands, one ought not be so bedazzled by the mainstream media that one forgets the experience and accomplishments of our leaders - specifically, Dustin Mouzon. This cornerback, lest we forget, was the star of our 2007 meeting with the Tigers. Proven, tested leadership for this era of great challenges.