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UPDATED Saturday Scrimmage Report

Today was another beautiful day in Oxford with the rebels practicing in full pads. A lot of fans showed up to the practice giving the day's events a feeling of a small high school game or even a Southern Miss home game. And for those of you who didn't show up: don't worry. I know we called you out, but you've probably got a lawn to mow or an adorable neice in town. We're cool, whatever.

Be patient. We have some pictures and maybe even a video to show you later today.

Our Notes:
1. Nathan Stanley continued to be impressive. He has to get used to the speed of the game, but his throws are on the money. While he did not get nearly as many snaps as Snead or Tapp (and the snaps he did get were mostly runs) he still proved to us that he has SEC potential.

2. All of the running backs had good days. We have some talent there. Brandon Bolden had the best day of them all and Enrique Davis played hard too. What is really remarkable about those two is they are usually pretty hard to bring down. They run hard and never, ever shy away from contact.

3. Ashlee Palmer and Allen Walker are awesome. During sprints, Palmer was yards ahead of every other linebacker and showed why he's on our first team.

4. Snead was alright. He's better than Stanley and Tapp, but he's just not performing the way we had hoped (and no, we weren't the people that were expecting over 3k yards, 25 tds, and 10 INTs). If he stays healthy and remains consistent, however, he'll win more games for us than Michbert Spurlane or Breth Schadams ever sniffed at winning.

5. The Wild Rebel was run today with both McCluster and Bolden getting shots running the ball. They didn't run anything spectacularly tricky out of it, but we imagine they're saving that stuff for the closed practices.

6. Kentrell Lockett had two sacks and earned himself a fair amount of reps as a first teamer.

7. Andrew Harris and Markeith Summers had good days. Mike Wallace opened the scrimmage by reeling in a deep pass from Snead.

8. Marr still looks rough. Powe also looks rough, but not nearly as rough as Marr. Powe needs to pick up some speed and soon. During sprints he was disappointing, at best. Also, during the sprints, a loud, old white lady behind us was screaming "Go Jerrell! You can do it!" She even let out a big "YAAAAAAAAAAYYY" when he finished the drill. Listen, lady; give it a rest. Most of us didn't wait three years only to cheer on a jiggly third-teamer as if he were our tee-ball playing stepson. A couple of us nearly stood up to scream "C'MON, DAMMIT! LOWER YOUR HAUNCHES AND RUN, POWE" just to spite her.

9. The kickers were on the money with their kicks. We cannot remember a missed field goal for today.

More to follow later today.