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Women of the Opposition: Memphis

If there's one thing Memphis fans have, it's really attractive women that cheer for them. Nothing says beautiful like southwestern Tennessee co-eds. How they haven't cancelled the Miss USA pageant due to the glowing gorgeousness of these females is beyond me.

Check out these hotties. Woo wee. Git-r-done.

Okay, perhaps this is unfair. We'll just let Confederate Railroad tell you a little about women in Memphis. Nothing says classy dame like a one night stand with one of these guys.

NOTE: As a part of our game week coverage shit talkin' we're going to show you pictures of ugly co-eds from whatever school it is where about to play? Why, you ask? Because all of our girlfriends, wives, one-night-stands, et al look waaaaaaaaaay better than whatever they've got. If you've got any pictures you'd like us to run as a part of this weekly feature then send them our way (the button is on the right toolbar).