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Internets Available in Arkansas; Accessed by Hog Fans part Vier

The obsession Arkansas fans have with Houston Nutt still baffles the hell outta me everyone. We get it: you hate the guy. The fact that we're not rolling around in teary fits screaming "oh God, Arkansas, you're so right, Houston Nutt is a shitbag" etc is, somehow, quite perplexing to them. Furthermore, instead of celebrating the turning-over of a new leaf in Fayetteville, much as we have done in Oxford, they continue to center much of their discussion around Coach Nutt.

It's weird.

However, it's never been this wildly entertaining., an Arkansas message board, has a thread featuring images of Coach Nutt photoshopped into various Olympics related photos. Really, it's good stuff that obviously took some time and talent to create. Check out the photos below. If you like what you see, click the link and enjoy the few-dozen or so others.