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Interesting David Cutcliffe Feature

Rivals posted a very interesting article about David Cutcliffe.

One particular paragraph stood out to me.

"Cutcliffe, who was Tennessee's offensive coordinator when Duke hired him, already proved in his last head-coaching stint that he knew how to rejuvenate a program. Ole Miss went 44-29 and reached four bowls in six seasons under Cutcliffe. The Rebels have gone 10-25 with no bowls in the three seasons since his departure."

It seems to me like that's not rejuvenating. That's running a program into the ground. I'm not here to bash Cutcliffe. I think he did some good things for Ole Miss. It's just that paragraph made me laugh a little bit and question logic. Let's look at this again. He proved at Ole Miss that he could rejuvenate a program. He went 44-29 at Ole Miss. After he was fired, we went 10-25. Sure seems to me like he left the program better than he found it.