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Coach Nutt Announces Press Conference Tomorrow Morning at 9:30

Hello Rebel fans. I'm glad you've taken time today to read The Red Solo Cup today. It excites me that you've got a passion for Rebel football. I've got a passion for Rebel football. You've probably noticed that I get excited about lots of things. Like The Red Solo Cup. Why? Because these guys are winners! On the field. In the classroom. In the sack (so I'm told). In a coliseum wrestling dragons. They get it done. And at the Nutt household that's what we care about ... getting it done!

I'm excited about giving them the opportunity to post the link of the announcement of the press conference that I'm hosting tomorrow in the brand new Rebel Vision. This new Rebel Vision excites me. I'm passionate about it. Some of you may know that I spent the last ten years in Arkansas, my homestate, where we always had television (we'd watch Billy Graham televion revivals and talk about how he and Jesus are winners). And my homestate also, apparently, has
the internet (which is like text messages, but more private, I think). What we never had was television on the internet, which is what Rebel Vision is - the best stuff about television on the internet. Because the internet and television are natural partners. We're passionate about watching television-quality stuff on the internet at the Nutt house. Except for porn, which is not for winners. Parental control devices (or "child safeguards") are for winners.

But Rebel Vision is not for porn. It's for football. If you want some good swingers porn, though, I know a guy. Nevertheless, my press conference is tomorrow at 9:30 in the morning on Rebel Vision about which, if I hadn't mentioned, I am both excited and passionate. At tomorrow's press conference, I will answer questions, talk about practice, and release uncontrovertible evidence that Jerrell Powe is being required to run 34 kilometers each day.

It's all on the internet, folks. Pornography. Jerrell Powe. News conferences. Football. The internet is where the winners are. Winners like the good people at The Red Solo Cup. Keep up the fight against those bone-headed t-shirts, men. The Nutt house is not friendly to squirrels and scrotum references. Those are not for winners.

Hotty Toddy and Giggity Goo,