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Good News For Rebel Basketball

First off, as most of you already know Murphy Holloway was cleared by the NCAA clearing house the other day. Holloway may not have a huge impact this season, but he will be a key contributor during his career at Ole Miss. The addition of Holloway should ease the concerns of some Rebels fans over the front court. The rotation for this season will include a hopefully improved Malcolm White, Kevin Cantinol (who according to Kennedy will be a "pleasant surprise to OM fans), JUCO transfer Deaundre Cranston, LA big man Terrance Henry, and now Holloway.

This rotation gives Kennedy lots of diversity. Malcolm White provides the Rebels with some SEC experience and plenty of ability on defense and potential offensively. White is the only frontcourt player with any D-1 experience.

Kevin Cantinol has not been playing basketball very long, but he is a player Kennedy and Co. thought was worth taking a chance on and that may soon pay off for Ole Miss. At the very least he is a huge body that will be able to clog up space (a la Jeremy Parnell) and clean up on the offensive boards.

Cranston is a JUCO guy from Daytona Beach CC and was a double-double guy in what Kennedy described as a tough JUCO level. An interesting note on Cranston is not only is the guy massive but he can stretch his game out to the three-point line. Something I did not expect when he signed.

Now to the freshmen. Terrance Henry is thin, Melvin Harris thin. He could really use a year in the weight room but will probably not be redshirted this year based on ability and need. Henry has received high praises from the staff this summer and looks to team up with Malcolm White after developing for a year as the front court leader for the Rebels. Holloway is going to be very versatile at Ole Miss. He is only 6'7 but has the wingspan and toughness of a center. At the same time, he will be counted on for minutes at the three spot where his athleticism makes him more than capable at delivering.

Now for the other news.

Reginald Buckner, our lone recruit for the 2009 season, was bumped up to #30 on Rivals top 150 list. He was previously ranked 91 on rivals and is the 36th best player on Scout's list. I have been advocating Buckner as the best player in the state of Tennessee since he signed with the Rebels and he is starting to get that recognition now. Before the year is out it is very possible he could rise even further in the rankings. He is the leader of one of the best teams in Memphis this year, and, barring injury, will be Mr. Basketball in the state of Tennessee.