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Corralling the West, Week 1

We won. You should know this by now. More to come later whenever Whiskey Wednesday shakes off his hangover.

They're also the third best engineering program in all of Louisiana! You know how a lot of teams like to schedule division II (screw whatever they're called nowadays, that shit is stupid), mid-major, or low-level BCS teams for their opening games? You know, for a sorta faux-preseason stat-padder to ease the fans and players into the season? A sure win and what-not? Well, not so much. It's ok State, they were the 91st best defense in football last year which, as Wesley Carroll can tell you, is certainly more than enough to make the game competitive. Coach CroomS has just shown the Bulldog faithful exactly how one earns a raise + contract extension in Starkville.

Not so fast, Hogs. You're on notice, Arkansas. Of course, you won and you've gotta get whatever credit is due for that... but Western Illinois? Seriously? Would Nutt have trailed them in the 4th quarter with whatever athletes are up in Fayetteville? But hey, Casey Dick thew the ball 41 times which is exactly what you crazy assholes wanted in the first place, right?

The Big Ten is horrible. LSU, in a much more roundabout manner, proved this once again last night by downing Appalachian State with an ease that Michigan couldn't. Michigan, the winningest football team in the HISTORY OF FOOTBALL dropped a season opener again yesterday, this time to the Utah Utes.

It's ok to hate Nick Saban. Damn you, Bama. I wanted to you to lose and lose bad but, instead, you showed that you may be a true candidate to represent the West in Atlanta. I know it's early for these kinds of things, but they seriously shut Clemson down big time and proved that their preseason ranking of 24 wasn't undeserved.

Speaking of Bama and upset victories. Auburn beat ULM the way they're supposed to be beaten making the hearts of many a Bama fan weep deep, deep down inside their chest cavity (just past the adipose tissue).