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9 days until kickoff

While there has been outcries from our fanbase to stop the worst moments of the last four years, I will not stop. I am on a mission of reality for our fanbase. Those of you who believe a 8 or 9 win season, this is for you.

10th Worst Moment of the Last Four Years: 27-3 loss at Auburn in 2005
Auburn had a great team this year, and we had our usual team during the four year stretch. This number 10 moment comes from me personally. As has been mentioned in previous posts by the Ghost of Jay Cutler(a well known homosexual), I am a journalist. During this game, I was on the sideline, doing my journalistic duty, when I was run over on the sideline by an unknown Auburn player(a brute to be sure) during a punt return. There was no hand to help up the fellow man nor was there an out of breath word of advice such as, "Get your ass out of the way next time." Nothing, but a shrug of the shoulders and a swaggering trot back to the Auburn sideline. Plus, we got throttled, and it was an 11:30 a.m. kick-off. I was not injured in any way, and my ego wasn't even bruised. Auburn players and fans are just classless human beings...can I get an amen from our Tuscaloosa congregation?

9th Worst Moment of the Last Four Years: The Ed Orgeron Hummer commercial. While hilarious and entertaining, THIS WAS OUR HEAD COACH FOR THREE YEARS!!!!