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13 Days Until Kick-off

2006 was a year of Rebel football when some thought the team would bounce back from a miserable 2005, take heed under the guidance of Brent "This would be a great where are you now story" Schaeffer and get back to a bowl game after two losing seasons.

One massive tackle ended one Rebel's season who could be the biggest playmaker on the team this year. He was a little spark plug that took a trick play against Memphis to the house later known as the "McCluster Fluster" or the "McCluster F***."

Not to say this hit was the reason Ole Miss ended up having a losing season, but it sure as hell didn't help. The smack of pads still resonates in my mind. The injury was mysterious as were many things under Ed Orgeron's reign. He had nerve damage in his neck and couldn't lift his arms higher than shoulder level or a broken shoulder or he was decapitated. Nothing was clear other than the realization that Ole Miss lost a great player for the year.