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11 Days until Kickoff

Memory lane for the last four years of Rebel football has been filled with construction delays and potholes. After a day's absence, we continue the countdown with the 12th and 11th worst moments of the last four years.

12th Worst Moment of the Last Four Years: 2004 Loss at Alabama, 28-7
ESPN 2 chose to televise this thorough beat down of our beloved Rebels. It should have been on the Ocho. I was in attendance for game two of the post-Eli era, and after losing our opening game to Memphis, I was hoping we would at least give the Tide a good game. The Rebels have about as much success in Tuscaloosa as Dennis Miller has in Starkville.

Ethan Flatt sparked the Rebel offense to their only touchdown that day while Michael Spurlock had a tough day throwing roughly a baker's dozen interceptions. 'Bama burned down the clock once they had a 21 point lead and ended up taking a knee inside the five yard line as time expired. That's how bad they felt for our team...and it's 'Bama, 'nuff said.

11th Worst Moment of the Last Four Years: 2004 Matt Jones and Arkansas deal 32 point loss to Rebels
I hate to post this just because of how ravenous Arkansas fans are for any positive press to use in their propaganda towards convincing themselves and others that they could still make a national title run. But here it is for all to see.