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Yancy Porter - Hipster...

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Here's the most recent post (it's free) in Yancy's series of top 40 players in MS. I'm going to dissect the article to acknowledge some changes that we should hope for in the future. Do they have editors for these things? I have, by the way, eliminated the parts of his article that were done well. I did that shamelessly to fit my agenda.

"LSU : 'They send a lot of WR's to the league and they compete for titles every year.'"

Commas are wonderful things. Most people use them to join two independent clauses. Yancy apparently hates them.

"USM: 'They are suppose to throw the ball this year. I went to their spring game and they threw it a lot.'"

SUPPOSED to... Comma

"Favorite pro football player: Antoin Bolden"

My guess is that he said Anquan Boldin. Boldin is a wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals. Amazing what 15 seconds on can get you. (Though real football fans should actually know who that is anyway).

"Favorite Food:Chicken Spagitti"

Seriously? That's how we're spelling spaghetti now?

"Favorite Video: NCAA '08"

This has gotten to me every time. NCAA '08 is not a video. It's a video game.

"Biggest Influences: Father"

The word "father" is singular. The word "influences" is not.

"First thing if I sign pro contract: By parents a new house"

Look... you can go by your parents' new house. You can buy your parents a new house. You cannot by your parents a new house.

I know that people are going to get pissed at me. I'm sure there will be uproar on a certain message board. Before anyone says it, I'm happy for what Yancy does for us too... blah blah blah. I just ask for more diligence in providing a service that we PAY for. Why anyone would care what Patrick Patterson's dream date is I cannot understand, but still... if you're going to report it, do it well. In short, nobody really cared about these things when this (thanks NAFOOM) was your competition. But now, this is your competition. Step it up. While those sorts of things may look good "on the hoof", they're not going to cut it anymore.

Maybe I'm "making a mountain out of a mole," but it would really take 4 or 5 minutes to proofread every article for easy to catch mistakes. I'm not asking to make sure that no sentence ends in a preposition or anything (though I try to catch those). I'm just asking people to spell spaghetti correctly and maybe, just maybe, know the difference between prepositions and verbs.

Also, I'm sure someone will try to find grammatical errors in my post. Please, when you do, pay me ten dollars a month to read the blog. Just remember, "when all is said and done," I'm just trying to improve things.

EDIT: We realize the article criticized in this post can be viewed free of charge. We used it because it is free and therefore a very public display of what we're griping about.

SECOND EDIT: Macon, the city in our state, is spelled that way. It is not spelled "Mecan".