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What in the fuck has gotten into Neal?

Neal McReady is a good journalist. He writes fairly well and most certainly writes with integrity, avoiding "sunshine pumping" and "passing of the Troy" at all costs. I like Neal's work which, as a sworn enemy of Rivals and OMSpirit, makes me feel a little weird.

Well, ok, not all of his work. To be fair, I can't necessarily say I "dislike" this piece, but it most certainly made me pull a double-take. In writing about linebacker prospect Larvez Mars, whose nickname just so happens to be "Pooh Bear," McReady cranked out this gem:

"Opposing running backs sure wish this Pooh Bear would leave the gridiron and search for honey pots and heffalumps in Christoper Robin's enchanted woods, because Mars is an absolute tackling terror between the tackles."
Whatever, Neal. I know his nickname is Pooh Bear and I think the references are, I dunno, "neat-o" but the article is a bit on the overdone side. I did like the bit about the name "helping him off of the field," though. That was a clever touch, you sly bastard you. Rivals members, don't miss out on this gem.

Ok, I'll concede this point: you've gotta do whatever it takes to get people to read what you write. This time, it worked.

EDITOR'S NOTE: None of this is premium material. That quote came off of the main Ole Miss Rivals page.