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SEC Traditions: The Best and Worst - Florida

As we continue to wind our way through the SEC's best and worst traditions, we would like to encourage you, our readers, to suggest your own ideas as to what the best and worst traditions of the SEC are. Furthermore, if you're of the persuasion of a school we've picked on we would love for you to share your ideas about Ole Miss. We'll get around to that later on, but we'd really appreciate your ideas on that one.

Ok, so, on to Florida!

Best Tradition: Heisman winning quarterbacks. What can we say? They've got 'em, we don't. Florida has as many Heisman winners as the entire SEC West and Tim Tebow has potential to bring another trophy to Gainesville this fall. And, while they are despised in both Tallahassee and Athens, the personalities and peculiarities of Spurrier, Wuerffel, and Tebow have made them adored by the media and college football fans outside of the Southeast. Whether it be Coach Spurrier's no bullshit approach to, well, everything or Tim Tebow's foreskin snipping, you can't help but enthusiastically pay attention to these Gators.

Worst Tradition: Jorts, hair gel, and self tanner. Georgia fans know exactly what I'm talking about.