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SEC Media Days Picks has released the picks made for the All-SEC team and SEC Champions at SEC Media Days and, honestly, there are some interesting surprises. For example, the reigning Heisman Trophy winner was not a unanimous selection for All-SEC. In fact, there were no unanimous selections at any position. Not Tebow, not Oher, not Moreno. Furthermore, Peria Jerry did not make it onto either the first or second team unlike in other preseason All-SEC team. Perhaps this demonstrates the depth and level of talent in the SEC, or perhaps this displays the lunacy of some of the voters.

Take for example, the picks for SEC Champion. There were a total of 70 voters, each of which laid out their predictions for the final standings in the SEC East and West and then picked who would win the SEC Championship game. Florida took the cake with 36 votes, Georgia netted 18, Auburn 13, LSU 1, and Tennessee 1.

That makes 69. The final vote-getter for SEC Champion was none other than the Ole Miss Rebels. Seriously, somebody voted us to win the SEC Championship. Neither State, Kentucky, Vandy, Alabama, South Carolina nor Arkansas garnered a vote to be the SEC Championship game victor, yet somehow our Rebels did.

Who in the hell is behind this? Yancy? Chuck? The little black boy in Angels in the Outfield ("it could haaaaappen")? Some kid working for the DM who's attending Media Days for college credit? Who gets to vote in this thing? If anybody knows who is behind this, let us know. Right now, you're crazy. However, if in the miraculously bizarre off chance that you're right, you can rub it in our faces all damn day.

Post Scriptum - To you Spirit posters: we don't want the Rebels to fare poorly. Hell, I'd be the happiest bastard in Dixie if we were to win the SEC Championship, but if I were given one of 70 votes at SEC Media Days, I wouldn't it waste it on some homerific delusion. Half, if not most of the SEC is better than us nearly top to bottom. Deal with it.