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Preseason Hype

Erik at DeepSouthSports has put together a fairly detailed rundown of preseason Ole Miss hype from a varied sundry of sources. He features the struggle of Jerrell Powe, Vegas betting odds, and the king of the Gypsy snake-charmers, Phil Steele, among other things. It's an interesting read and should get you salivating for football, if you weren't already.

With concerns to other bits and pieces of preseason hype, Greg Hardy has been named to the Ted Hendricks preseason watch list and four Ole Miss Rebels have been named to the coaches' preseason all-SEC team. Michael Oher and Greg Hardy were both unanimous selections to the list. I imagine that both Oher and Hardy will live up to their respective hypes this year and could even make a few clutch plays which separate wins from losses. Oher will be Jevan Snead's best friend on the gridiron and frustrate the hell out of opposing defensive ends while Greg Hardy will pull one of (I'm now taking bets as to which one) John Parker Wilson's limbs clean out of socket.

I know it sounds kinda silly and he says it far too often, but Houston Dale is right, we're hungry, dammit. I'm starving for more than 4 wins. If that causes me to come off as being overly optimistic, then so be it.

Speaking of Houston Dale: what the hell is going on in this picture to the left? If you visit any of the links above regarding preseason accolades, you'll be sent to the newly designed which features this bizarre picture of HDN. While I like the new design and feel it to be a bit more professional, it has its little quirks. As far as I can tell, the picture was taken at Coach Nutt's welcoming press conference/tent revival at the Ford Center and is kinda taken at that "hey, vote for me, victory rah rah" angle, but whose fucking hand is that? Is that Houston Dale's? If so, that man's got some big damn paws. And scary ones, at that! I dunno, maybe I'm looking into this a bit too much but it looks as if some sort of demonic creature is protecting HDN's dark yet dear, dear womb. I know that I'm either not looking at something correctly, or it's some sort of optical illusion, or maybe it's a camera trick, but that shit's still weird. Oh, and Arkansas fans, we already know you're going to come in here with a bunch of "well lol he's been doin alot of txtin haha lol PIG SOOIE," so please, save us the trouble.