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A Kiss of Death... Actually, kisses

Preseason expectations: casual fans love them, Ole Miss athletics veterans shun them. If you're not sure as to why that is the case, allow me to cite cases in which they incorrectly said we would be excellent and incorrectly said we would be horrible.

With concerns to Ole Miss athletics, they're hardly ever correct. That is why my early evening perusal of the internet today yielded rather personally disturbing results.

  1. According to ESPN's Chris Low, Jevan Snead is the #1 newcomer in the SEC (a la Brent Schaeffer). Enrique Davis is #8 and Trahan along with Powe were mentioned as possible impact players.
  2. Neal McReady of writes that Snead is motivated by high expectations. While his is not a proven sunshine-pumper, McReady's article is positive enough for this skeptic's "überoptimism" meter to go off.
  3. The Dunaway and Brown radio show recently featured an on-air phone interview with, you guessed it, Jevan Snead in which they spoke about everyone's high expectations for this upcoming season.
I hope you don't take this as me being a serious NAFOOM. I want Jevan to do very, very well and I hope he can be a crucial part of whatever success our team may have this season. It's just that the heartbreak of blue-chip-dual-threat-quarterbacks-past is still weighing heavily on my poor, wearied soul.

Jevan, if you're reading this, please break the trend as laid forth by your predecessors. Be a badass. Throw for 5 billion yards, deflate Bobby Petrino's bubble, rip off Sly Croom's walrus 'stache, slay the hydra, etc etc.

EDIT: Here's another one! Yeah, we've got a shot to be "this year's Kansas." Well, hell, we're doomed now. I will say though, this one is pretty well written. Huzzah to "Mad Love," whoever you may be.