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A Jackie Robinson for Our Times


Okay, I'll bite.

Yesterday at Big East Media Day, which would have been otherwise completely insignificant, Pat White, senior quarterback for the 'Eers, complained that there were no black players on the WVU Baseball Team and said that head coach Greg Van Zandt "wasn't too high on it."

"It," assumedly being either "recruiting people who play baseball well regardless of their color" or "not getting fired for operating outside the confines of federal law."

The CNN article linked above reported statistics like the percent black population in West Virginia (3.3) and the percent of black Division I baseball players (5.7). What CNN failed to report is how this RRRRRRRRACISM has infiltrated other other facets of West Virginia and American life including the Mountaineer Swimming Team (get your mind out of the discriminatory gutter), the Mountaineer Rifle Team (sweet stereotypical sassifrass!), and even THE UNITED STATES SENATE!!! (though to a lesser degree).

Hey, Pat White, I know it must suck thinking about all the money you're going to be making in, oh like nine months, but why don't you suck it up, join a softball league, and realize that NOT EVERY conglomeration of persons made up primarily or entirely of one shade of skin or another is so composed because someone is out to get you.