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Internets Available in Memphis (Public Libraries); Accessed by Tiger High Alums

Losing to LSU is never fun, but is accepted, any loss to State stings for quite some time, but nothing gets to me more than not being able to beat these BCS rejects down in Memphis.

The talking heads on Memphis radio and the UTK rejects on start spewing their delusional and ill-informed opinions regarding the Ole Miss game around this time every year.

Today’s example comes courtesy of poster, MemphisCanes.

"For all that they toute their recievers, ours are head and shoulders (figuratively AND literally) above theirs."

You win Tiger fans, those receivers ("I" before "e" except after "c") that we constantly "toute" are not as tall as Carlos Singleton. Let us take a look at some statistics though, and remember you run a pass happy offense in the CUSA while we had two incompetent rejects playing quarterback for us last season.

Last season your top three receivers were Duke Calhoun (14 ypc), Carlos Singleton (15.0 ypc), and Stephen Black (11 ypc). Our top three WRs were Shay Hodge (14 ypc), Mike Wallace (19 ypc), and Dexter McCluster (12 ypc). These stats seem pretty even to me. I will give you the advantage in WRs, but your guys are not as good as you all make them seem to be, with the exception of Duke Calhoun.

"Oher is an anchor, but one lineman does not a line make."

Does not a line make? Really? Was that just some cute way of trying to make your point or your fine Memphis education? And you are correct in saying one lineman does not make an offensive line. That is why we have guys like pre-season second team All-SEC John Jerry, returning starter Reid Neely, and veterans Darryl Harris and Mo Miller. To steal a quote from an Ole Miss poster on, "Our offensive line has had more books written about them than your basketball team has read."

In reality, their squad has more question marks than ours. New Coach, new QB, new RB, and a suspect D.

No arguments here except for you bit about suspect defense. The only thing suspect about our defense is going to be the cornerback position. Our front seven boasts 4 All-American or All-SEC candidates and one of the top incoming linebackers in the nation. Again, there is nothing terribly wrong with your statement, but the next part of the sentence (term used loosely considering your last one lacked a verb) is what explains why UTK denied your application and your attendance at Tiger High. It is so ludicrous I am going to have to break it down piece by piece.

"The Tigers have an experienced QB who should be able to plug right in to our system."

How can you call Arkelon Hall an experienced QB? It is beyond me. We may have a new QB, but at least it is one who has played in a division one-football game against a BCS opponent for the Texas Longhorns. Also, judging by Hall’s less than sterling 6-14 performance, it looks like he has some work to do. However, you probably did not see that because only 800 people went to the game. That is how you support a program!

You cannot win an argument by saying Ole Miss has question marks at positions A, B, and C and then turn around and say the new (read: unproven) players Memphis has coming at the same positions make us a better team, which you proceed to do.

"Walton, our DC, has studied at defensive powerhouses like LSU and Miami, and has brought in considerable JUCO talent this year."

Our last head coach studied at national powerhouses like Miami and USC, but he could not coach his way out of a paper bag. He still managed to beat you three times in three years. Weird.

And I would love to know this considerable JUCO talent that is coming in this year. Last I heard your prized recruit from Clemson decided North Dakota State was a better fit for him, Tim Mcgee failed his needed summer classes, and no one else on your commitment list looks like they are worth a damn. Your team, especially on defense, is nothing more than a bunch of other team’s rejects who averaged giving up 32 points per game this past season. Oh, and you lost to Arkansas State 35-31.

Add to that our new blood at RB, which should only do more to juice our offense, and I can't really see what Missy fans are so confident about.

So us having new RBs is a negative, but your new running backs are going to put you over the top? I do not think so. You are sending out Curtis Steele, a between the tackles type of runner, with your spotty offensive line against our front seven. I will not even bring up the guy we signed.

"I guess home field advantage must be worth alot in their minds."

It sure does when you compare it to your home field advantage.