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Houston Nutt Q&A

On, fans were asked to send in their questions for Houston Nutt for a segment entitled "Ask Ole Miss." According to the piece, "over 75" questions (what the fuck does that mean? 77?) were sent in by fans but, for brevity's sake, only a dozen were selected. One particularly hard hitting question, obviously sent in by someone either under 12 years of age or comletely unaware of SEC football entirely, was this:

Q: What is the biggest fish you've caught on your lake at your new house?
A: A three-pound bass

Whoa, watch out there. We wouldn't want people thinking this is Fayetteville. I mean, damn, take it easy on the guy, he just got here! Pretty soon we'll be asking him questions about last weeks sermon, his undoubtedly kickass corn salsa recipe, and his daughter's extracurricular activities. And we thought Arkansas was brutal!