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Has it ever gotten to this point in years past?

Parrish Alford is reporting that Jerrell Powe has been cleared to play. He's just awaiting a formal call from the SEC at this point.

I'm not sure we've ever had an actual news source report that Powe has been cleared in years past. I'm not ready to say that Powe will get in yet, since he hasn't even gotten to practice on the field with the team yet this year (as he was able to do last August). Still, this has to be encouraging news.

If he gets in, I don't expect him to play every down or anything near that, but I do expect him to be a difference maker during the plays when he is in the game. If we can just get 15-20 snaps a game from him that are solid, it would help a good bit.

As for people who want him to lead the "Are You Ready" against Memphis, that probably won't happen. The Powe-tron may not even be ready by then (though I know they say it will be).