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Discussion's over, we're gettin' ads!

If they all look like this, of course.

One can either click or pray to Allah for biggification.

On one of the many Rebel message boards out there I saw a plug for Rebel Talk, a new set of Ole Miss forums. When I went to check it out, that's what I saw. How does this happen? I'm not a peruser of pornography, let alone burka-free blasphemy. I don't utilize any sort of online dating service. Hell I'm not even Arabic! Anyway, I thought it was odd and amusing enough to warrant a screenshot.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to get ready for my date with Mubhina Al-Musheen tonight. We're going to see WALL-E.

P.S. - I need a fuckin' football fix right away, if you can't tell.