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Corralling the West: Bad Boys, Bad Boys

This has been an incredibly active off season in the jail cells of the SEC West. Baton Rouge just purged the Perrillouxxr, Mississippi State players carried guns on campus, Ole Miss athletes got their swerve on, Alabama has taken the lead of the Fulmer Cup standings and, just recently, Arkansas has added this bit of humor:

Arkansas linebacker Wendel Davis may be facing felony charges after smashing up a car. Davis apparently got mad enough to smash his fist through a car window after, I'm not kidding here, the aforementioned car bumped into his scooter (I hope his scooter had a badass flame job, to boot). I find this amusing because of the mental image the story conjures up: a large, athletic male dressed in Arkansas Razorbacks sweats going apeshit because his scooter got a ding in it. It's a scene you'd expect from a smaller, greasier male in Athens or Naples, but Fayetteville? Seriously? Anyway, this adds to an already exciting, crime filled summer break.

EDIT: I wonder where this kid's first SEC scholarship offer is coming from.