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Construction Updates

These are pictures taken July 1, 2008 of the baseball stadium expansion and the PoweTron/removal of ArceneauxTron.

A few things to note: they've taken out the seats, the awning has been removed to make way for luxury boxes, and the concrete supporting 1st base side bleachers has been poured. They're also working on expanding right field (you may need to click the picture to see that) and they were getting ready to pour the 3rd base side concrete when I took the photo.

As most of you know, the old screen has been completely torn down. When I took this photo there was no construction going on, but it was obvious that they had done some foundation work to prepare for the PoweTron. I'm pretty excited about both of these construction projects. Sure, they were both a pain in the neck to get the ball rolling on, but now that the ball is rolling I don't think we'll be too disappointed.