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Yes, another T-Shirt post

No ma'am, I don't. And neither will you for much longer I imagine. You coach is an asshole. Before all of this Houston Nutt/Bobby Petrino drama occurred, I really had no major qualms with Arkansas. Of coruse, they're an SEC Western Division foe and they've come out on top more often than not lately (the last 4 straight, to be precise) but I never really got riled up about them like I would for LSU or State. Now, Arky has shot up that list simply because of their horrible, horrible, horrible fans. You've likely seen these idiots on our message boards bashing Houston Nutt like some sort of recently divorced 40-something while clamoring on and on about the merits of Bobby Petrino.

Residents of Fayetteville, get this through you head: Bobby Petrino is a fraud, a coward, and a whore. We all know that Houston Nutt has his occassional bouts with the crazies but I'd take crazy-stupid-wacky over callously greedy any day.

Ok, rant's over. I don't know why, but that t-shirt really set me off big time.