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Worst. Argument. Ever.

Hurtt, a Razorback fan, has asked us to read the following paragraphs from Dixie Fried Sports to see exactly why Bobby Petrino won't be leaving Fayetteville anytime soon:
So what happens to Bobby Petrino now? Jay Phillips of 107.5 the Game in the SEC Market of Columbia, SC has joked numerous times that Petrino is only waiting for the Texas job to open up. Then he's out of Fayetteville and then in Texas. Phillips obviously doesn't have a clue about the Horns-Hog rivalry and the fact that Texas would never look at hiring away an Arkansas head man. For those that say Petrino will leave and take another job, I ask where? It's obvious the NFL isn't going to take a chance on the guy again, so you can rule that out. Arkansas is paying the man near $3 million a year, there is only a handful of schools in the NCAA that could come close to outbidding Tyson, Jerry Jones, and Wal Mart money. Those that can offer more money or a better job aren't going to put up with the media bashing it would take by hiring Petrino?

Petrino will have a good coaching career in Fayetteville. It won't happen right away due to a lack of great players left from the previous staff, but when it comes the media will take notice. It might even have a few guys like Don Banks standing up and yelling Woo Pig Sooie.
So, you're essentially using the "our coach is a money-hungry, prideful, untrustworthy sleaze who is despised by the media" argument to prove your point. Simply stunning, Hurtt.

Arkansas fans, I concede. Your coach is a money-hungry, prideful, untrustworthy sleaze who is despised by the media. I cannot argue the contrary. Point 1, for Arkansas!