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Why we like Houston Nutt

He isn't this guy:

We get it, alright. You despise Houston Nutt. He's got an ego, pissed off Mitch Mustain, has a predictable offense, wears goofy hats, had an affair with a weather lady, sells snake oil, delivers trite press conferences, has really strong thumb muscles, and has a demeanor characteristic of a well-groomed Yosemite Sam.

Guess what. We don't fucking care. He may exhibit every single one of the qualities you have mentioned but he isn't the nation's biggest college football related punchline after Charlie Weis' girth and Lou Holtz's lisp. 20% of Houston Nutt's 10 seasons at Arkansas were losing seasons; 100% of O's 3 were. Does that make any sort of sense to you? Houston Nutt will win games in Oxford. Despite your wildest fantasies (which I think involve HDN, a meteor-strike, and the bubonic plague), Nutt will do good things for our program.

We're excited about him being here, just as you are excited about Petrino's arrival in Fayetteville. Why is that such a hard pill for you to swallow? We're glad to have a coach that, compared to Orgeron at least, is respected on a national level yet you don't want us to be excited. You want us to be miserable.

Here's a hypothetical: if we were to curse HDN just as you are-I'm talking 100% bat-shit crazy hatred for the guy-would you be behaving with feelings of sympathy towards us Rebel fans? I doubt it.

Give it a rest. We'll see you in October.

PS - Comments redacted. There's nothing you can say that we haven't heard and there's nothing we can say that you haven't heard. You know this, we know this. We're both incredibly proud fanbases and we're not about to let someone at the helm of a laptop change any of that. Some of you will likely snicker, click over to your Myspace, and call us a bunch of "bruised pussy havin' cowards" but, if you are as enlightened and educated as you claim to be, I imagine most of you will let the dust settle until football season.