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UGA now a no show in Miami?

Being in Oxford over the summer provides you with plenty of time during the day to browse the various message boards of the SEC, usually it's nothing but a bunch of morons taking advantage of the Internet and expressing their misguided opinions (much like this blog allows us to do)

However, today the rumor flying around the boards is that Knowshown Moreno may be in a bit of trouble down in Athens. Since it is a rumor who knows what the deal is, but let's assume he is let go. UGA has been picked my most "experts" to be the number one team in the nation and represent in the SEC in the BCS National Title game. I already thought the chances of that occurring were slim with their rigorous schedule. If this rumor is accurate those chances basically vanish. Georgia fans have tried helping the case by claiming they have a RS freshman, Caleb King, who will fill the void, but I don't think anyone can fill a void left by a player like Moreno.

I'm sure Richt finds a way to keep Moreno on the team, I would hope Nutt would do the same, but we shall see when an official announcement is released (or when this rumor is proven to be BS).