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Thanks for ruining my day, Pete Boone/Doyle Jackson

I woke up today to this shit in my inbox. I go check NAFOOM, and it's there too. I even got a smart-assed Facebook message (yeah, I'm 16) about it. Of course I'm crazy (dare I say, nuts) about Ole Miss football and I'm very excited about the arrival of Coach Nutt but, as all of you know, I'm about ready to hang myself over these puns.
And, if that's not bad enough, CSS was showing this last season's Alabama game on replay. I know it's rather masochistic of me to have sat there and watched it, but I did. Seeing us work our way down field by converting multiple 4th downs just to have Nick Saban and that asshole referee snatch it away from us made me sick to my stomach.

One final note: I love the Lexington brothers. They're right, it is OK to hate Doyle Jackson.