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It's at least possible that some or all of these already exist. As previously referenced, there is literally no limit to the shenanigans possible when college football fans release their creative juices on innocent casual wear.

Now, the most common name-pun tee is the one that takes an otherwise common colloquialism that includes some element of the head coach's name and implies success on the gridiron. See Exhibit A:

The less common type is the sexual innuendo tee. These are not as marketable because grandparents are especially susceptible to name/pun/tee predators. These tees are funny, but you would feel uncomfortable if you saw Mrs. Paterno wearing one. See Exhibit B:

This final type is the antagonistic tee. The example below is not a traditional name-pun tee, but it accurately represents a distasteful sentiment toward a certain team and/or coach. See Exhibit C: