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SMQ Raises the Age Old Question.

Sunday Morning Quarterback, sort of the blogosphere's own Ross Perot-style chart maker but without the crazies (though, I do picture the purveyor of SMQ looking a bit like Jeff Goldblum in Independence Day), has again raised that question Ole Miss fans never seem to resolve.

No, not the one about Jerrell Powe's eligibility. The other one about how we fired David BUTTCutcliffe. And, like the rest of the known world, SMQ concludes that, especially with a view of the wreckage left by Hurricane Orgeron, we never should have fired Cutcliffe. Really, never heard that one before.

The objective observer looks at the numbers during Cutcliffe and thereafter. If Ole Miss knows anything, we know, with our miserly banker of an Athletic Director, about numbers. Especially if Cutcliffe gives Duke even one winning season (a reasonable hypothetical if he is operating at or near his 1999 aptitude rather than his leisurely Rascal ride through 2004), folks are going to talk for years about what a bum decision Ole Miss made, but the numbers don't tell the story of a man with health problems who had obviously slowed down. And I think Cutcliffe recognizes that we made the move we needed to make. I can tell you for sure that Cutcliffe has the Chancellor's personal cell phone number, which bespeaks a relationship more cordial, I think, than between the Chancellor and Orgeron or Tuberville (or maybe even Billy Brewer).

SMQ alludes to a prediction that when/if Houston Nutt falls on lean years, Ole Miss fans will be traitorous once again. I doubt that is true, but we shall see. What I do know is that Coach Nutt is spending a fair chunk of that skrilla to move his horse farm out east on Highway 6, assumedly anticipating an at least moderately lengthy term in Oxford.