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Schadenfreude: The Ultimate Moral Victory

It takes a truly sensational person to become "that guy" at an LSU tailgate. These next three assholes do just that:

This guy just literally loses the ability to stand. In addition, I cannot fail to mention the incredibly high number of grown men wearing jerseys.

Chef Boyardee is a Tiger fan? Anything involving Soulja Boy and "crankin' dat" makes me cringe.

Fuck that guy. Seriously. I don't care if he's ok or not. At Ole Miss, we've gotta take victories where we can get them and if that means mocking a guy who got his face smashed in by a table then so be it. Also, I know that there's another YouTube of this from a much closer camera angle. I've seen it before and if any of you have the link then please send it our way. A couple of us drunkenly searched for it last night and came up with nothing.