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Recruit Quote of the Week

Since it is summer I figured we should start a new tradition hear on RSC for awhile, that being the recruiting quote of the week. This can either come from a fan, analyst, or from a recruit himself. This week's is brought to us from Horn Lake CB Tremayne McKinley.

"I'd probably lean that way a lot. The coaches are the main thing I like about Ole Miss. They're all kind of crunk. They all keep you hyped. Those are the kinds of coaches I like to play for." (Thank you Rivals for the quote)

I can only assume McKinley has not spent too much time around HDN, who if his daughter is any indication, is severely lacking in the "crunk" department.

One good thing that will come of this is the continuation of the fence around Memphis. With Andy Kennedy's wardrobe apparently provided to him buy Ecko and the new football staff, the Rebs should have the 901 on lock down.