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Rebel of the Week: Possession Receiver Edition

It's June. I just graduated and my job does not start until August. I am hung over a lot (such as right now) and have gotten exceptionally good at slacking off. I know I haven't been keeping up with regular R.o.t.W. postings but, seriously, it's June. There is not much going on at all in terms of Ole Miss sports right now so dealing out weekly accolades momentarily requires me to dig into the ever fleeting lump of brain cells which hold my dearest Rebel memories.

This week, after reminiscing on Egg Bowls past and seeing the 1997 game on Turner South's "College Flashback Classics" or whatever that silly shit is called, I knew right away who to dedicate this week to. Cory Peterson, the "deceptively fast possession receiver" of the Tuberville era was known for his sure hands and abilities as a kick returner. The greatest memory of Peterson, of course, comes from his performance in the aforementioned Battle for the Golden Egg. Down by a touchdown in the waning final minutes of the game, the Rebels, led by Stewart Patridge, scored a touchdown. Tommy Tuberville, in one of his wiliest moments, told his players that "overtime is for complete pussies" and decided to go for two.

The play was simple. Patridge's first look would be the slot reciever who would be running a five-step/in route. That slot reciever was Peterson. The catch was made and Mississippi State was defeated, 15-14.

Also, there was this badass fight beforehand.

Congratulations, Cory Peterson! You're our Rebel of the Week!

PS- I know that I shamelessly lifted that image from Rivals. Don't waste your time telling me about it.