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Rebel of the Week: In 2003 we lost to Memphis and Texas Tech... That's not funny.

This is the 4-2-5 Defense and it, according to this website, is "one of the most popular defenses in the High School and College Game today." Poor capitalization aside, this defense is indeed a "popular" one as evidenced by a quick Google search ("4-2-5 defense") yielding results involving football teams at Rice, Toledo, and Emporia State (where is that?). This defense is also responsible for us allowing Memphis and Texas Tech to hang 44 and 49 points on us respectively. I'm not going to go into football philosophy here or spend paragraphs discussing the intricacies of coverage schemes so suffice it to say that this defense is terrible.

Watch the defense at work below.

So why the Rebel of the Week? Well it's kinda like when you heard about when that asshole in your High School graduating class died. You hang your head only for a second, and then smile that he's long gone.

Congratulations, 4-2-5 defense, you motherfucker! You're the Rebel of the Week!