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A Query... Actually Two

As Fans and NAF's of Ole Miss alike are well aware, the first presidential debate between Sens. McCain and Obama will take place Friday, September 26, on the campus of the University of Mississippi. The following day, the Rebels will be battling the the fightin' TEBOOOOOW's in Gainesville.

Now, mind you, I am a political animal who aspires to high office (so long as Ghost never gets a) greedy and b) in contact with the tabloid media) and has recently become purveyor of a weblog for true, red-blooded Magnolia State right-wing nut jobs. There's my shameless plug. Get over it. The links don't click themselves.

My queries are thus:

First, if I could procure tickets to the game (optimistic, cautiously) and the debate (pessimistic with reckless abandon), which should I pick?

Second, is it more likely
A) that John McCain will wipe the floor with Barack Obama in Oxford en route to a surprising (for some), devastating (for Democrats) win in November that will win the War in Iraq and, ultimately, produce the savior of Ole Miss football, or

B) that the Rebels will pick apart the Florida secondary in Gainesville en route to a surprising (to all), devastating (to Orson Swindle) win at the Swamp that will catapult the Rebels to an (actual) SEC West Championship and, ultimately, produce the savior of Ole Miss football?