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Pre-Season All-Conference Selections

Phil Steele's has released its All-American and All-SEC selections, a release of the full details is available over at the official Ole Miss Athletics website. The most notable inclusions are Michael Oher, Greg Hardy, and Peria Jerry to the Second, Third, and Fourth All-American Teams, respectively.

Also notable is the inclusion of Enrique Davis as a SECOND TEAM All-SEC selection. In fact, his counter-part All-SEC selection at running back is another back who has yet to see any playing time in God's conference - Emmanuel Moody.

Maybe it's just the Brent Schaeffer talking, but doesn't this all seem a bit lofty? If Jevan Snead plays more like the former Texas quarterback and less like the current Ole Miss quarterback, he will (hopefully) be better than Phil Steele's All SEC Third Team quarterback - Sarah Jessica Parker Wilson. Do you all really believe that Ole Miss has legitimate a legitimate All-SEC quarterback and a legitimate All-SEC running back?

Phil Steele's entire All-SEC Team is available here.

Also, Anthony Dixon's complete absence from Phil Steele's projections is further proof that he is an absolute poopsmith, unworthy of praise and/or recognition.