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The Powe Tron: Probably not gonna suckafterall!

I don't have any sort of definite source to verify this, but the recent scuttlebutt surrounding the Powe-Tron is that Daktronics, the company responsible for scoreboards at Georgia, Texas, and numerous other places, has won the bid to construct our new scoreboard. This means that our new board will most likely not at all be shitty, as many of us had predicted. It will be a high definition board and it is rumored that the designs will have it built 80ft wide by 50ft tall. Furthermore, rumors also tell of an agreement between the athletic department and Daktronics which stipulates that Daktronics would be required to pay $25k for every single day the screen doesn't work if it malfunctions during football season.

While nice, such a clause is really unnecessary. I think we all know how to keep stadium electronics functioning during football season: no daytime fireworks.

All things considered, we may need to find a new name for this bad boy. Personally, I like the Powe-Tron (I kinda coined the term, y'know) but that name was based on this Jerrell Powe...


...not this mythical, racially-tolerant Jerrell Powe.

As far as I can tell, these are all just rumors. If anybody has any definitive information surrounding this please let us know.