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Patrick Willis: So Effing Chill

Patrick Willis is a chill dude. And, in case you had forgotten just how awesome he is, this fluff piece from the San Francisco Chronicle should be an adequate refresher.

Here's what the NFL's Defensive Rookie of the Year said about his 2007 season performance:
"Last year was all right. But I didn't do good. I kind of look at it like, first you do well, then you're good, then you're great. This year, I want to be good. I have to do better."
Do you not just love this guy? I mean, he is just the walking around embodiment of exactly why we should listen to everything our grandmothers tell us.

You want some racial reconciliation in Mississippi? I want to find a white dude in Mississippi who wouldn't jump for freakin' joy if his daughter brought Patrick Willis home. In fact, Patrick, when you get done being the best linebacker in the history of the 49'ers organization, just feel free to come on home and solve racism in Mississippi.

I'm sure he'd be glad to do it. Because you know who this racism is not killing on the inside? Patrick Willis. He is just way too chill.