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Omaha: A Spectator's Guide

The last two teams to Omaha punched their tickets last night, and a full bracket is available here.

As far as first round predictions go:

Stanford v. Florida State
Florida State really showed Wichita who was boss after a perplexing Game 1 loss in the Super Regional. I think the 'Noles move on.

Georgia v. Miami
Miami is the #1 seed in the country, and laid down no little amount of smack in the toughest Regional in the 64-team field. Georgia has had some dominating performances, but also some clunkers. There's a reason Miami is the top team in the land.

Fresno State v. Rice
Rice is a national powerhouse. Fresno State is Fresno State. You've got to pick Rice in this one.

LSU v. North Carolina
North Carolina has rolled through the post-season. LSU has rolled through (all but one) of its last 25 games. It seems like a toss-up, but even if it weren't, I'd pick North Carolina - and you all know why.