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A note to our beloved baseball coach....

Hey Mike Bianco, here's an idea! Hire Ron Polk! I know that sounds silly, but Polk has mentioned that he would like to return to baseball as a volunteer coach (which is the position Matt Mossberg currently holds). I think he is qualified:

1) There is probably not anyone who hates Mississippi State more right now than Ron Polk.

2) More CWS appearances as head coach than Mike Bianco can dream of. Also, he has taken 3 different teams to Omaha!

3) Has forgotten more about baseball than Mike Bianco knows.

4) Can get even the worst of teams to Omaha (read: 2007)

If you don't think this qualifies Ron to be our assistant, you are either lying or stupid.

Note: I didn't want to put a picture up of him in
his Mistake uniform. I actually kind of like UGA.