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Malcolm White

So, I know that as an Ole Miss fan I'm only allowed to get excited about football, and that makes a lot of sense considering how dominant we've been in football for the past 40 years...

But I can't stop thinking that we might just be very good in basketball this season. But how can that be? Didn't we just lose the "Master of Angles" Dwayne Curtis? Whatever will we do without a player who can't take advantage of the position of the hoop in order to avoid being blocked?

Enter Malcolm White. I know, I know. Malcolm was a letdown last year. He didn't contribute the way that some of our freshmen contributed, but I still think Malcolm contributed to the team last season (that's photographic evidence). So here's my Malcolm White / Dwayne Curtis comparison.

Dwayne Curtis: 6'7" 270 lbs. - Great scorer; Solid rebounder; Liability on defense; Defensive strategy was to try to draw charges.

Malcolm White: 6'9" 230 lbs. - Wicked nasty hook shot; Had more dunks than DC in limited action; Ability to leave the ground; Aggressive defensive presence who will block a lot of shots

So here's my deal. Dwayne Curtis played like a fifth-year senior who had some skill. He was a leader, and he was consistent. He was never going to be that dominant player who totally changed the game though. Malcolm White can be that player, and with Malcolm down low, our only question is the 4. If Cranston, Henry, or Holloway emerges as being decent, we're going to win a lot of games. We've got guard play for days.

So anyway, my prediction is that we make the big dance and lose in the first round.