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Jimmy "Pitbull" Johns

So, as we all know, Jimmy Johns was kicked off the Alabama Crimson Tide team this week. What you may not have known is how our favorite person to ever choose Bama over us provided the income for his drug habit (other than selling drugs). Please... take the time to visit that link. It's glorious.

Maybe this is old news, but I've never heard it until today. Seriously, pitbulls? I wonder what he sells those for.

What really upsets me about this whole thing is what this allows. Jimmy Johns can say, "Hey. I play football at Alabama. I'll charge a ludicrous amount for pitbulls, and Alabama fans will buy them just to give me money." The NCAA has got to figure out a way to stop that.

And you know, he may not even have been getting the money. He obviously didn't design the site. That's even worse to me though. If someone approaches an athlete asking them to use pictures of them playing football, etc. that is against NCAA regulation.

I never say this about anyone, but... even if there were a regulation violation, Alabama wouldn't get penalized for it because... it's Alabama.

HT: EDSBS and BHamReb